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Circolo Canottieri Napoli (in English:Naples Rowing Club) is one of the most prestigious and renowned Italian nautical clubs. Founded in 1914 and its headquarters are located in the green oasis gardens of "Molosiglio", in San Ferdinando overlooking the bay of Naples in one of the most beautiful beaches of the city. With more than a thousand members in its ranks, houses several olympic games like boating, powerboat, swimming, water polo, tennis, triathlon and more. Napoli's homecourt in downtown of the city housed in the municipal swimming pool in Ulisse Prota Giurleo street.

The headquarters[edit]

The club's headquarters is in the southwest corner of the gardens of Molosiglio in an area near Acton street, which includes the namesake port. With an area of 7000 sq.m. and 3500 sq.m. covered structures housing, is one of the largest among the sailing clubs in Naples. The marina offers mooring at approximately 150 boats and is the basis for the section speedboats and boating. The locker rooms, swimming pools and gyms of the Rowing Club are located on the ground floor, while the terraces and lounges on the first floor is home to cultural events and gatherings. Other sporting activities revolve around the two pools, one small for the children, 33 meters, is consistent with FINA to play polo. Another pool club located in Ponticelli Via Ulisse Prota Giurleo, 3. In addition, the club has two tennis courts.

Sport activities[edit]

Canottieri Napoli organizes and participates in many sports events at national and international level, with many sports teams. In fact, the sport is in the heart of the Club.

The men's water polo team for years glorious and noble protagonist top division, now challenge the Serie A2.

The teams participating in swimming and rowing, with good results, for the Italian league and continue to provide athletes of national teams.

The club has organized a race with boats in force for the period of the Italian Championship in 2012 for the category Offshore 3000. The fight took place on 2 and 3 June in the water in front of the promenade cttadino.[1] La gara si è disputata il 2 e il 3 giugno nello specchio d'acqua antistante il lungomare cttadino.[2]

Napoli also organizes many races. This sport has a momentum of the game in the World Series Naples 2012 - 2013 brought the America's Cup.

The triathlon is the latest in sport practiced in Canottieri Napoli, despite this, the team sport has already achieved significant results.

Water polo team[edit]

Canottieri Napoli's water polo team is one of the most important and successful in Italy and Europe. In the TROPHY includes several national championships[3] and cups but over the diamond in the crown is the 1978 European Championship.


European competitions[edit]

Domestic competitions[edit]

  • Italian League
    • Winners (8): 1950-51, 1957–58, 1962–63, 1972–73, 1974–75, 1976–77, 1978–79, 1989-90
  • Italian Cup
    • Winners (1): 1969-70