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This article is about CECT (iPhone Copies). For Qiao Xing, China's first telephone manufacturer, see Qiao Xing.
Subsidiary of ShenZhen HuiTimes Technology
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2004 (China)
Headquarters Shenzhen, Guangdong
Products Mobile phones
Website [1]

CECT is one of the many brands of cellular phones manufactured in China. CECT offers unauthorized clones or replicas of the Apple Inc. iPhone and various Nokia cell phones manufactured in China and sold at a fraction of the price of the original.[1] At least one reseller has been subject to legal demands from Apple Inc..[2]

iPhone clones[edit]

The CECT iPhone "clones" have been described as one of a growing number of Nucleus PLUS powered iPhone clones. Two of the differences between the clones and the Apple iPhone are that the "clones" normally have smaller resistive touch screens (instead of capacitive) and dual SIM card slots. Newer models however, feature capacitive touch screens.[3] [4]


CECT is one of the largest China-based mobile phone manufacturer. While most of the phones listed below origins are unknown, they are believed[by whom?] to be produced by CECT. One of the CECT's original phone is the CECT T689.


The Hiphone T32 is the only model in the Hiphone series to offer Wi-Fi. In many of the clone models, the only difference is firmware versions. Not all HiPhones are labeled by the manufacturer; some are labeled only by the software version w006 or w009.

Please note the term "Sciphone" is often used to reference clone phones, because Sciphone is the manufacturer of the i68, i9, and more recently the i9+++.

  • Hiphone P168
  • Hiphone P168+
  • Hiphone P168++
  • Hiphone P168C
  • Hiphone P168S
  • Hiphone 4 (a clone of Apple's iPhone 4)


  • Hiphone S688
  • Hiphone T32
  • Hiphone C-002 (also called Sciphone i32)
  • Sciphone BB9B (phone upgrade from i9+++, the battery, back cover and earbuds is compatible with i9 i68)
  • Sciphone i68
  • Sciphone i68+ (phone upgrade from i68 now features a 1.3-megapixel camera instead of VGA and has a headphone jack and up to 8 GB SD)
  • Sciphone i9+
  • Sciphone i9+++(newer upgrade of the i9+ which features 30 pin connector, headphone jack and wifi)
  • Sciphone i999
  • Sciphone i9 3GS+
  • Sciphone 4G
  • Sciphone KA08

2010 new clone iPhone model at ChineseShopOnline Ephone 4G Ephone 4GS J8 airphone 4

A series[edit]

  • Sciphone A88
  • Sciphone A88+
  • Sciphone A380i

N series[edit]

  • Sciphone N19
  • Sciphone N21 also known as X2 (a clone of General Mobile's DSTL1)
  • Sciphone N12
  • Sciphone N900

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