CEE Stock Exchange Group

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CEE Stock Exchange Group
Type Stock and derivatives exchange
Location Vienna, Austria
Founded 2010
Key people Christoph Boschan, Ludwig Nießen, Petr Koblic
Website ceeseg.com

The CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESEG) is a holding company comprising the stock exchanges of Vienna and Prague. The holding company is the strategic and financial leader and also responsible for the administration of the equity interests, while the day-to-day operation of the exchanges is taken care of locally by the two subsidiaries.

The CEESEG emerged as the outcome of a series of acquisitions of Central European stock exchanges by the Vienna Stock Exchange after the fall of the Iron Curtain. In addition to the investees under the umbrella of the holding company, the Vienna Stock Exchange also built up a network of cooperation exchanges in the region of Central and Southeast Europe. The cooperative ventures are mainly in the area of IT (shared trading system), the dissemination of exchange data and the calculation of exchange indices. These synergy effects and the common brand make it possible for the local markets to network with international customers better.

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