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CELPA (Mar Chiquita) also known as CELPA Atlántico (Centro de Experimentación y Lanzamiento de Proyectiles Autopropulsados) was a rocket launch site in Mar Chiquita, Argentina, north of Mar del Plata. The launch site was in service from 1968 to 1976[1] and was mainly used for launching rockets of the types Orion II, Arcas, Rocketsonde and Dragon I. The tests from CELPA Atlántico were sponsored by the United Nations since 1969. There was a total number of 69 tests. The compound was used by agencies like NASA, Meteorological Rocket Network (USA), CNES (France) and CONAE (Argentina).[2] The site is currently used by the Argentine Air Force and Army to test anti-aircraft weaponry.[3]

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