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CELPA (Mar Chiquita) also known as CELPA Atlántico (Centro de Experimentación y Lanzamiento de Proyectiles Autopropulsados) was a rocket launch site in Mar Chiquita, Argentina, north of Mar del Plata. The launch site was in service from 1968 to 1976[1] and was mainly used for launching rockets of the types Orión-2, Arcas, Rocketsonde and Dragon I. The tests from CELPA Atlántico were sponsored by the United Nations since 1969. There was a total number of 69 tests. The compound was used by agencies like NASA, Meteorological Rocket Network (USA), CNES (France) and CONAE (Argentina).[2] As of 2016, the site is used by the Argentine Air Force and Army to test anti-aircraft weaponry.[3]

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