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CER-10 computer (CPU inside), displayed at the Museum of Science and Technology, Belgrade

CER model 10 was the vacuum tube, transistor and electronic relay based computer developed at IBK-Vinca and Mihajlo Pupin Institute (Serbia) in 1960.[Ref.lit. #1, #2, #4, #8] This was the first digital computer developed in the SFR Yugoslavia (also in the South Europe).

CER-10 was designed by prof.dr Tihomir Aleksić and his sci.associates (acad.dr Rajko Tomović, dr Vukašin Masnikosa, dr Ahmed Mandžić, dipl.ing. Dušan Hristović, dipl.ing. Petar Vrbavac and dr Milojko Marić) and was developed over four years. The team included: 10 engineers, 10 technicians and many others. After initial prototype testing at Vinca and redesign at the M. Pupin Institute, it was fully deployed at the Tanjug Agency building and worked there for the SKNE from 1961. and the Yugoslav government's SIV , from 1963. to 1967. [Ref.lit. #1, #3, #7]

The first CER-10 system was located at the SKNE-Federal secretary of internal affairs building in 1961, which later belonged to the Tanjug. The M. Pupin Institute gave the computer-case and some computer's parts and documentation of the CER-10, in March 2006, to the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, where computer's CPU is now displayed.



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