CERH European U-20 Roller Hockey Championship

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CERH European U-20 Roller Hockey Championship
Founded 1953
Region Europe (CERH)
Number of teams 8
Current champions  Portugal (19th title)
Most successful team(s)  Spain (23 titles)
Website http://cerh.eu/
2016 CERH European U-20 Roller Hockey Championship

The CERH European U-20 Roller Hockey Championship is a European roller hockey competition for men's under-20 national teams, currently organised by CERH. Established in 1953, the tournament was contested every two years between 1960 and 1968, after which it adopted an annual calendar. As of 2006, the championship reverted to a biennial competition.

The most successful team is Spain, with 23 titles, the most recent obtained at the 45th edition in 2006. The current champions are Portugal, who won the 2016 tournament in Pully, Switzerland, securing their fifth consecutive title.



Year Edition Host city 1st, gold medalist(s) Gold 2nd, silver medalist(s) Silver 3rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze 4th place
1953 1st Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Spain  France  Belgium
1955–56 2nd Spain Barcelona  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Germany
1957 3rd Portugal Lisbon  Spain  Portugal  Belgium  Netherlands
1960 4th Portugal Lisbon  Portugal  Spain  France  Germany
1962 5th Spain Madrid  Spain  Germany  Portugal  Netherlands
1964 6th Spain Salamanca  Spain  Portugal  France  Germany
1966 7th Spain Gijón  Spain  Portugal  Germany  France
1968 8th Spain Vigo  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Germany
1969 9th Spain Vigo  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Germany
1970 10th Italy Novara  Portugal  Spain  Germany  Italy
1971 11th West Germany Iserlohn  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Netherlands
1972 12th Spain Reus  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Netherlands
1973 13th Portugal Paço de Arcos  Spain  Portugal  Netherlands  Italy
1975 14th West Germany Darmstadt  Portugal  Spain  Netherlands  Italy
1976 15th Portugal Barcelos  Portugal  Spain  Italy  Netherlands
1977 16th Netherlands The Hague  Italy  Portugal  Netherlands  Spain
1978 17th Spain Seville  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Germany
1979 18th England Herne Bay  Spain  Germany  Italy  England
1980 19th Portugal Barcelos  Portugal  Germany  Spain  Italy
1981 20th Switzerland Geneva  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Germany
1982 21st Italy Pordenone  Italy  Portugal  Spain  Germany
1983 22nd Belgium Leuven  Italy  Germany  Spain  Portugal
1984 23rd Spain Noia  Spain  Italy  Portugal  Germany
1985 24th France Paris  Italy  Portugal  Spain  Netherlands
1986 25th Portugal Anadia  Italy  Portugal  Spain   Switzerland
1987 26th West Germany Walsum  Spain  Portugal  Italy  Germany
1988 27th Italy Follonica  Italy   Switzerland  Portugal  Spain
1989 28th Netherlands Valkenswaard  Spain  Italy   Switzerland  Portugal
1990 29th England Barnsley  Italy  Portugal  Spain   Switzerland
1991 30th Spain Blanes  Italy  Spain  Portugal   Switzerland
1992 31st Switzerland Villeneuve  Portugal  Italy  Spain   Switzerland
1993 32nd Portugal Sesimbra  Portugal  Spain  Italy   Switzerland
1994 33rd Germany Wuppertal  Portugal  Spain  Germany  Italy
1995 34th France La Roche-sur-Yon  Spain  Italy  Portugal  France
1996 35th Italy Forte dei Marmi  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
1997 36th Spain Vic  Spain  Italy  Portugal  France
1998 37th Italy Viareggio  Spain  Portugal  Italy  France
1999 38th Switzerland Geneva  Spain  Portugal  Italy   Switzerland
2000 39th Portugal Porto  Portugal  Spain  Italy  France
2001 40th France Dinan  Spain  Portugal  Italy   Switzerland
2002 41st Italy Follonica  Spain  Italy  Portugal   Switzerland
2003 42nd Portugal Vale de Cambra  Portugal  Spain  Italy   Switzerland
2004 43rd Germany Düsseldorf  Spain  Portugal  Italy   Switzerland
2005 44th Spain Santander  Portugal  Spain   Switzerland  France
2006 45th France Saint-Omer  Spain  Portugal  Italy   Switzerland
2008 46th Germany Hamm  Portugal  Spain  Italy   Switzerland
2010 47th Italy Viareggio  Portugal  Italy  Spain  France
2012 48th France Saint-Omer  Portugal  Spain  France  Germany
2014 49th Portugal Valongo  Portugal  Spain  France  Italy
2016 50th Switzerland Pully  Portugal  Italy  Spain  France

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Spain 23 16 9 48
2  Portugal 19 21 7 47
3  Italy 8 8 21 37
4  Germany 0 4 3 7
5   Switzerland 0 1 2 3
6  France 0 0 4 4
8  Netherlands 0 0 3 3
8  Belgium 0 0 1 1

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