CERN Program Library

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CERN Program Library
Developer(s) CERN
Stable release 2005 / May 9, 2005; 10 years ago (2005-05-09)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Technical computing
License GNU General Public License, except for GEANT

The CERN Program Library or CERNLIB was a collection of FORTRAN77 libraries and modules, developed at CERN. Its content ranged from more specialized data analysis of high energy physics to general purpose numerical analysis. Lower-level parts of the CERN Program Library were most prominently used by the data analysis software PAW and the detector simulation framework GEANT (which themselves were contained in the CERN Program Library).

The major fields covered by the libraries contained therein were:

CERN Program Library used the year as its version, with not explicitly denoted minor revisions within a year. Besides legacy software dependency, for newer applications written in C++, CERNLIB is now superseded by ROOT.


The development and support for CERNLIB was discontinued in 2003. Libraries are still available "as is" "for ever" from the CERNLIB web site but with no new code, no user support and no port to IA64.

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