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European Microscopy Society
FoundedSeptember 1976 as European Societies of Electron Microscopy, current form September 1998[1]
TypeProfessional Organisation and Registered Charity
OriginsEuropean Societies of Electron Microscopy
Area served
Europe, Worldwide
Key people
President Dr Josef Zweck
Secretary Virginie Serin[3][2]

The European Microscopy Society is an international learned society which represents the field of microscopy in Europe. It was founded in 1998 following the disbanding of the Committee of European Societies of Electron Microscopy (which was founded in 1976) as a union of national microscopical societies.[1] The society acts as a regional committee of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy.[6]

Member societies[edit]

Listed below are the bodies which are members of the EMS. All those listed have reciprocal membership agreements.[7] The society has 52 corporate members (ECMA) and 37 individual members, with 28 member countries.[2][6]

National bodies[edit]

Other societies[edit]


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