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Industry Firearms
Founded 1949
Founder Ludwig Vorgrimmler
Headquarters Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
Area served
Key people
Ludwig Vorgrimler, Engineer

CETME, (Spanish for Centro de Estudios Técnicos de Materiales Especiales, or "Centre for Technical Studies of Special Materials" in English) is a Spanish government design and development establishment. While being involved in many projects CETME was mostly known for its small arms research and development.

The CETME Model 58 and CETME Model L are its most notable projects. CETME also designed the CETME C2 9mm submachine gun, and the CETME Ameli light machine gun in 5.56×45mm NATO.


CETME Model 58/C



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  • Manual de instrucción básica de la Escuela Técnica de Seguridad y Defensa del Aire (ETESDA) (2002). Basic instruction Manual of the Technical School Safety and Air Defence (ETESDA) (2002). Edited by the Spanish Ministry of Defence.
  • Centro de Documentación y Publicaciones del Ministerio de Defensa. Publications and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Defence.
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