Central European Blue Chip Index

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Foundation January 1, 2001
Operator Budapest Stock Exchange
Exchanges Central Europe
Constituents 20
Type Large-cap
Weighting method Free-float capitalization-weighted
Website CETOP

CETOP (Central European Blue Chip Index) is a stock market index which reflects the performance of the companies with the biggest market value and turnover in the Central European region. The aim of the CETOP index is to serve as a benchmark for the portfolio managers who invest in the region. Blue chip equities of the Central European region are included in the index basket selected on the basis of global ranking, taking into account that a maximum of 7 securities from one stock exchange may be simultaneously included in the index.[1]

The eligible securities are those shares that are listed on at least one of the following Exchanges:


The current components and weighting of the index: CETOP Composition

The CETOP currently consists of the following major Central European companies:

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