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CE Destinations
Industry Internet
Founder Dr. Andrew Turchin
Headquarters Aspen, United States
Area served
World Wide
Key people
Dr. Andrew Turchin
(CEO and Founder)
Website www.cedestinations.com

The CE Destinations web platform is noted for combining continued education providers together with travel to exotic and interesting destinations. The idea of taking one's CE at a CE Destination is to use the limited time and money resources of a professional by combining a vacation and required continuing education into one trip.[1]


Its founder, Andrew Turchin, DMD[disambiguation needed] had done some vacation style Continuing Education but found such courses were difficult to find on the web, even though such courses existed. It took word of mouth or hours of google searches to uncover other potential courses. So, he developed a site to make continuing education courses findable by not only the professional topic but also what type of vacation activities the professional and his family wanted.[2]

Professional usage[edit]

The website works on a simple search format that lets a professional choose 4 basic search criteria: their profession, type of fun, topic, and date range. The results page populates listings of courses and seminars that meet their criteria. The photographs of the location are designed to be visually appealing and inspire professionals to enjoy their Continuing Education travels.[3]

CE destinations for CE providers[edit]

CE providers have a simple-to-use interface to sign up their events on the platform. Basic information such as course topic, description, CE credits, and location can be easily inputed. In addition, nearby activities and photos of the resort/city/mountain/beach are uploaded for enticement of the professional. For ease of use, instructors biographies and photos are saved in the system and only have to be entered once.[4]


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