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Startly Technologies
FoundedWest Des Moines, Iowa (1981)
Headquarters2183 Grand Avenue
West Des Moines, Iowa

Startly Technologies (originally and still doing business as CE Software) is a software development company based in West Des Moines, Iowa.


CE Software began as the programming arm of Computer Emporium, a retail computer store begun in 1978 by Richard Skeie, and started publishing software in 1981. SwordThrust, a text adventure game for the Apple II by Donald Brown, was one of the company's first titles. Other early projects included Mission Escape!, an action game by Jim Jacobson, and Wall Street, a financial strategy game by Donald Brown.[1] Subsequent projects focused on business communications and productivity, with various software solutions for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

In 1993 CE Software sold the rights to various Apple software titles, including SwordThrust, to Des Moines-based Prairie Group;[2] in April 1998 Prairie Group also acquired CE's instant messaging application QuickConference IP.[3]

In April 2004 a group of CE Software employees formed Startly Technologies, acquiring the operating assets of CE Software and taking the company private.


Current product offerings from Startly Technologies include:

  • QuicKeys, a task automator
  • Trans Lucy 2, a media player
  • QuickConference, a communications utility
  • Docktopus, a Mac OS X dock utility
  • InOut Tracker.


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