CFB Griesbach

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CFB Griesbach is located in Edmonton
CFB Griesbach
CFB Griesbach
Former Location of CFB Griesbach in Edmonton

CFB Griesbach (Griesbach Barracks) is a former army base in the north Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The site is named after Major-General William Antrobus Griesbach (1878–1945), a veteran of the Second Boer War, the First World War and the Second World War. Griesbach was also an Edmonton alderman and mayor, and served as a Member of Parliament and a Senator.


The site is no longer administered by the Department of National Defence, but was transferred to the Canada Lands Company in 2001 for $17.5 million, considered fair market value at the time. Former lodger units located here included the Canadian Airborne Centre and the Canadian Forces Parachute Maintenance Depot, both of which were moved to CFB Trenton in the mid 1990s, as plans to close the runway at Namao accelerated.

Much of the former Griesbach Barracks site is currently undergoing major redevelopment, with the entire 620 acres (2.5 km2) scheduled to be fully re-developed by 2018. Part of the land was purchased from Canada Lands in 2003 by the Capital Care Group, and is now used as a long-term care centre - the Kipnes Centre for Veterans, which was opened in November 2005.

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