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CFB Montreal[1]
BFC Montréal
CFB Montreal[1] is located in Montreal
CFB Montreal[1]
CFB Montreal[1]
CFB Montreal[1] is located in Quebec
CFB Montreal[1]
CFB Montreal[1]
CFB Montreal[1] is located in Canada
CFB Montreal[1]
CFB Montreal[1]
Coordinates45°34′34″N 073°31′23″W / 45.57611°N 73.52306°W / 45.57611; -73.52306Coordinates: 45°34′34″N 073°31′23″W / 45.57611°N 73.52306°W / 45.57611; -73.52306
TypeMilitary base
Site information
Controlled byCanadian Armed Forces

Canadian Forces Base Montreal (also CFB Montreal or "Longue-Pointe" to members of 34 Brigade) is a Canadian Forces Base network located in Montreal, Quebec.[2][3] Its official name is 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier, Detachment Montreal[4] The address of CFB Montreal is 6769 Notre-Dame Street.[5]


In 1994, the Canadian Forces Bases (CFBs) in Montreal and Saint-Jean were merged to create a new entity, an expanded CFB Montreal that included the Longue-Pointe, Saint-Hubert (Saint-Hubert), CFB Saint-Jean, Farnham and Saint-Bruno sites. In 1998, the mergers culminated in the amalgamation of CFB Montreal and CFB Valcartier into a new organization, 5 Area Support Group (now 2nd Canadian Division Suport Group).[1]

Physical description[edit]

A map of CFB Montreal

CFB Montreal is delimited by sectors north and south accessible from streets Notre-Dame Street and Hochelaga. The north and south sectors of CFB Montreal occupy an area of 2.8 km (1.7 mi) square.

Montreal CFB covers several sites: for example many armories welcome Primary Reserves to the site of Saint-Bruno or marine equipment trials in the LaSalle borough.

On the Saint-Hubert site, 190 housing are available to military staff.

The garrison is an important military base located in the heart of the Montreal.[4]>[6]

Economic data[edit]

  • CFB Montreal employs approximately 2,000 people, military and civilians.
  • A lot of merchandise valued at several billio dollars are stored at CFB Montreal.
  • All equipment purchased by the Canadian Armed Forces passes through CFB Montreal.
  • CFB Montreal is the hub of the Canadian Army.
  • Local spending impact : $200,598,000.
  • Estimated local spending impacts (direct and indirect) : $223,210,000.[6][7]

Units, formation and reserves forces[edit]

The base itself is home to a number of units, formations and forces reserves, including[4][8]:

The CFB Montreal newspaper[edit]

The Journal Servir is the official newspaper of CFB Montreal. It covers the military community west of Quebec (CFB Montreal and CFB St-Jean). Every second Wednesday, some 3,300 copies are distributed free of charge to CFB Montreal, Saint-Jean and elsewhere in the region covered.[4][9]

Building 42[edit]

Building 42, also called the Administration Building, is on the Canadian Register of Historic Places. The one-storey building faces Notre-Dame Street and was constructed in 1941.[10]


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