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CFEclipse is a CFML plugin for the Eclipse platform. It includes many of the features common to modern IDEs such as code assist, context help, syntax highlighting, snippets, and more.

The plugin is released under the terms of the Eclipse Public License which is very similar to the Common Public License.


The current stable version of CFEclipse is 1.4 and is targeted at Eclipse 3.4. It is available from the Official CFEclipse website.


Denny Valliant is the lead developer of the CFEclipse project

Rob Rohan project founder

Technical mailing lists[edit]

  • Users This is the main place to ask questions and provide support to people using CFEclipse.
  • Developers This is for developers that are writing or want to write code for CFEclipse itself.
  • Testers This is a closed group for people that want to regularly test features of CFEclipse. Joining this group means you want to actively be a tester, so no support questions, but submissions of test results etc.
  • SnipEx This is a group for developers of SnipEx services. If you like SnipEx and want to talk about how to code it or integrate it, here is the place to go to.

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