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CFF Clujana
Full nameClubul de Fotbal Feminin Clujana Cluj-Napoca
Short nameClujana
GroundStadionul Clujana,
ChairmanRomania Florin Chelaru
LeagueLiga I
2011-12Liga I, Seria Vest, 8th (16th overall)

CFF Clujana is an association football club from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Clujana's women football team played in the top domestic league and has won seven consecutive Romanian national championships and four domestic cups.


CFF Clujana was founded in 2001 by the businessman Florin Chelaru in collaboration with Mirel and Teodora Albon.[1] The team manages to win its first title in 2003 and proceeded to establish itself as the most successful Romanian women's football team of the 2000s, being champions for 7 consecutive years between 2003 and 2009, and winning 4 Romanian Cups.

In 2009, coach Mirel Albon, the brain behind the team's success left the club, due to increasingly divergent views with Chelaru.[2][3] Next year, Albon proceeded to form his own club, taking with him a significant part of Clujana's top players. In the two seasons that followed, rivals Olimpia won the title, while Clujana finished in the bottom part of the championship.

The women's football side folded in 2012. The parent club is still active as of 2018 however, having a male futsal team since 2005, which goes under the same name, CFF Clujana, even though CFF is short for "Women's Football Club",[4] as Chelaru didn't bother to officially change the name.

The full name of the Club is "Clubul de Fotbal Feminin Clujana Cluj-Napoca", or CFF Clujana Cluj-Napoca. For a while in its existence it was known as CFF Clujana Protherm Cluj-Napoca due to sponsorship reasons.




  • Romanian Women's Cup
    • Winners (4): 2003–04, 2004–05, 2005–06, 2007–08
    • Runners-up (2): 2006–07, 2009–10

Season by season[edit]

  Champions   Runners-up   Third place   Promoted   Relegated

Season Division Tier Place Cup WCL
1 2001–02 Divizia A 1 4th
2 2002–03 Divizia A 1 1st
3 2003–04 Divizia A 1 1st W 2Grp
4 2004–05 Divizia A 1 1st W 1Grp
5 2005–06 Divizia A 1 1st W 1Grp
6 2006–07 Liga I 1 1st F 1Grp
7 2007–08 Liga I 1 1st W 1Grp
8 2008–09 Liga I 1 1st SF 1Grp
9 2009–10 Liga I 1 3rd F Grp
10 2010–11 Liga I 1 9th 1R
11 2011–12 Liga I, Seria Vest 1 16th R16

Notable former players[edit]


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