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Line 80 is a Luxembourgian railway line connecting Rodange to Belgium. It is designated Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, but predominantly operated by NMBS/SNCB. The services overlap with those designated as Line 70. On the Belgian side of the border the routes are numbered in the NMBS/SNCB series.[1]

  • Line 165 Libramont - Virton - Y Aubange - Athus
  • Line 165/1 Y Aubange - Frontière RFNL (Rodange)
  • Line 167 (Arlon) - Y. Autelbas - Athus - Frontière RFNL (Rodange)

The routes are all electrified at 25kV using OHL[1] cf NMBS/SNCB's normal 3 kV DC OHL. This requires NMBS/SNCB to use Class 41xx DMUs.


  • Arlon (Belgium)
  • Athus (Belgium)
  • Rodange
  • Aubange (Belgium)
  • Halanzy (Belgium)
  • Virton (Belgium)


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