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Branding Information Radio - Amherst
Frequency 90.1 MHz (FM)
Format Tourist information
Callsign meaning Coming From Nova Scotia
Owner Instant Information Services Inc.
Website Information Radio

CFNS-FM was a local information radio station located in Fort Lawrence, Nova Scotia, near Amherst. Owned by Jack McGaw and Robert Stapells, the station aired automated tourist information and was part of the Information Radio group.

In 1996, the Central Nova Tourist Association was given approval by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to operate a new tourism information radio station at 90.1 MHz.[1]

The station was acquired by the McGaw/Stapells group in 2005.[2]

CFNS-FM were also the call letters for the Baden-Soellingen, Germany affiliate of the Canadian Forces Network. The station originally broadcast on 101.125 MHz (later 96.8 MHz). The radio station was closed in 1993 when the base was closed.[citation needed]

Exemption order for low-power radio stations that provide tourist information. [3]

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Coordinates: 45°51′16″N 64°15′17″W / 45.85444°N 64.25472°W / 45.85444; -64.25472