CHAK 10/1.A.L

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Chak 10/1.A.L (Urdu: چک نمبر 10 ون اے ايل) is located almost 13.1 kilometer from Renala Khurd. It is a beautiful, fertile land. It is famous for playing cricket. Its literacy rate is very good, now people focus on their educated rather their agriculture for sake of job, common occupations are teaching however good no of people are in military, air-force and police. It has a High school for boys and girls as well.


It is near Akhtar Abad (the name rewarded by Chaudhry KHUSHI MUHAMMAD S/o SERAJ DIN IN REGARD OF AGHA AKHTAR ALI KHAN 6/1.AL ). Previously which was called Dhuni Wala (Urdu: ). When British established the water canal channel to this area they divided the area according to the water availability, the name 10/1.A.L. actually refer to 10th Drain.


Common religion of the village is Islam. Some Christians also live there.

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