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Children’s Hope In Action (CHIA) is a grassroots charitable foundation helping disadvantaged children in Central Vietnam.[1][2] Founded in 2006 by Robyn Morley in Australia.

The Foundation programs involve:

  • Medical services - assistance for severe / chronic illness and surgery, nutrition education, home hospice support for terminally ill children
  • Disability services - physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy
  • Education services - sponsorship for poor students, special education for disabled children, community health education
  • Poverty alleviation - help to achieve self-sufficiency
  • Implementation plan - identifying at-risk children, developing a tailored Care Plan for the family, including physiotherapy, assistance towards surgery, educational sponsorship, and follow-up of all services.

By 2009, CHIA is planning to create a clinic with broad disability and health education services and a Post-Operative Care Unit for mothers and children in Central Vietnam, and run mobile clinics in faraway communes of Quảng Nam Province.

The present Program Director of the "Children's Hope in Action" and main executive officer is Robyn Morley.


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