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City Whitehorse, Yukon
Frequency 93.5 FM
First air date 1984
ERP 174 watts
HAAT −218.3 meters (−716 ft)
Class A1
Owner Parliamentary Broadcasting Society

CHLA-FM was a Canadian radio station, which aired at 93.5 FM in Whitehorse, Yukon. Licensed to the Parliamentary Broadcasting Society, a committee of the Yukon Legislative Assembly (YLA), the station aired the Assembly's legislative proceedings, as well as a recorded loop of tourist information when the legislature was not in session.

In 1984, the station was licensed.[1]

The station's license was revoked by the CRTC in 2003 due to funding issues.[2]

2016 update: evidence that the frequency is still/again being used for the indicated purpose is available on the website of the YLA [3] and also from a news release in June 2015.[4] This suggests the station may be operating under low-power license-exempt conditions.


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