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CHUMBA Racing, inc.
Industry Bicycles
Founded 1993
Headquarters Anaheim, California
Products Bicycle and Related Components

CHUMBA Racing is a manufacturer of recreational and competition mountain bikes located in Anaheim, CA


The company was founded in 1993 by Ted Tanouye. Ted tanouye went to USC and graduated with an accounting degree. Theodore Tanouye is the father, and is an aerospace engineer. Ted started out designing, prototyping in his parents garage in Santa Barbara, Ca., and later owned a bike shop named the Bike Beat. At his Bike shop, he sold Mountain Bikes and Mountain Biking gear. Ted Then began to embark on a mountain bike building journey, and began manufacturing frames in his shop. Ted sold his bike shop location, and moved into another location in Anaheim, Ca. Ted still had a small Mountain biking gear shop in the front of the business, while in the back, had a full on manufacturing facility. Ted and CHUMBA first achieved fame with the production of the CHUMBA Zulu, an award-winning downhill bike.[1]

CHUMBA later went on to produce trail bikes, applying techniques and design philosophies borrowed from Ted's downhill designs, such as "slack geometry" (the angles between tubes in the frame are slack as opposed to steep), lateral stiffness in the frame, and a fully active suspension. This resulted in the company's first trail bike, the "XCL", which was praised by Mountain Bike Action [1] saying it "could turn circles around any bikes out there" with "razor-sharp handling".[2] CHUMBA soon thereafter introduced the celebrated EVO which, widely derided for poor aesthetics, nevertheless went on to receive one of the highest user ratings on, including the "MTBR Best Of" Award.[3][4]

CHUMBA Models[edit]

  • CHUMBA Zulu
  • XCL
  • EVO
  • EVO G2
  • F4
  • F5
  • VF2
  • HX1
  • HX2

Notable CHUMBA Racers[edit]

The CHUMBA Racing Team has fielded several notable mountain bikers including:

  • Lars Tribus - 2008 Masters World Championship Silver Medalist, 2003 Masters World Champion[5]
  • Lisa Sher 2002 NORBA National DH Champion[6]
  • Duncan Riffle - 2004 NORBA National DH Champion[7]
  • "Pistol Pete" Loncarevich - 1999 Worlds Master DH Champion, 1998 World Cup Dual 1st Place, most wins out of any BMX racer in history[8]
  • Shaums March - 2003 Redbull Rampage 4th place, 2004 Redbull Bike Battle 3rd place[9]
  • Jake Payne - 2008 NORBA Junior X 3rd Overall[10][11]
  • Taylor Borucki[12]
  • Dakota Dulmage[13]


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