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CHWDP graffiti
A two-metre-tall inscription on a wall in Poland

CHWDP or HWDP (read ha-voo-de-pe) is a frequently used acronym of the Polish phrase chuj w dupę policji, literally meaning "(put a) dick in the police's ass."[1][better source needed] It can be seen as a Polish equivalent to the English-language phrase ACAB ("All Cops Are Bastards"), although is more accurately translated as fuck the police.

This vulgar slogan, often written on a wall, is used as a form of provocation against the police, but also as a "trademark." Writing of the HWDP characters, visible from a great distance, is a de facto form of aggressive vandalism, with potential consequenses including lowered value of flats near the marked objects. The acronym was largely popularised by the Polish hip hop music, where it is often used in lyrics. It is a specific expression of protest against the authorities, and against "the system" in general.

Correct spelling of the acronym, according to Polish orthography, is CHWDP, with Ch digraph in the beginning. However, common mistake is a misspelling of chuj as huj, against orthography rules, but pronounced the same, hence often seen HWDP acronym.


The slogan is already very important in Poland, and its popularity is spreading to other countries, most notably Slovakia and Germany. Pranksters have used it in England.[2] The popularity of this slogan is rapidly growing.

Alternate expansions[edit]

One of the ways in which the popularity of the acronym is easily noticed is that it was given many alternative expansions. Still, the basic meaning is generally known. Others are merely jokes that are sometimes used to avoid awkward situations and to relieve the tension, e.g. when people who propagate this abbreviation talk with the police or by the policemen who want to avoid embarrassment when they are asked to expand the abbreviation during interviews.[3][4]

Spread on the Internet[edit]

However, the popularity of this acronym is not limited to it being spraypainted on the walls in Poland. In fact, the acronym has also spread among the Internet users, both Polish and foreign.[5]

In recent times players of a popular online game Spartan wars by Tap4fun that have had run ins with game moderators have changed their character names to HWDP taking a swing at the moderators as they are essentially the games policing unit

Czech Republic and Slovakia[edit]

The slogan is also popular in Czech Republic,[citation needed] where it is written as ČDPP, standing for Čůrák do prdele policii,[citation needed] meaning the same as the Polish Chuj w dupę policji; i.e. Fuck the police in the ass. However, its Polish counterparts, CHWDP and HWDP, are just as common in the Czech Republic as well.[citation needed] The slogan can be found in Slovakia as well.[6]


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