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This article is about the radio station licensed to Fort Vermilion, Alberta. CIAM were also the call letters of an unrelated former radio station in Cambridge, Ontario. For that station, see its successor CJDV-FM.

CIAM-FM is a community Christian radio station broadcasting at 92.7 MHz on the FM dial in Fort Vermilion, Alberta, Canada. CIAM-FM is a listener supported community broadcast. CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association is the registered charity that holds the broadcast license.

CIAM-FM carries music programming, community events, national & international news, sports, weather and syndicated spoken word content. Some content is in local ethnic languages including Cree, Dene, and Plaudt Deutsch.


The station in Fort Vermilion began broadcasting in January 2003 at 92.3 MHz on the FM dial but moved to 92.7 FM around 2004.[1][2]

CIAM-FM has several transmitters in Alberta, and British Columbia.


Call sign Frequency City of License CRTC Decision
CIAM-FM-1 0102.9 FM Red Earth, Alberta 2004-173
CIAM-FM-2 0095.5 FM Buffalo Head/La Crete, Alberta 2004-171
CIAM-FM-3 0094.1 FM Watt Mountain/High Level, Alberta 2004-174
CIAM-FM-4 0104.3 FM Foggy Mountain/Caribou Mountain, Alberta 2004-172
CIAM-FM-5 0101.7 FM Weberville/Peace River, Alberta 2006-280
CIAM-FM-6 0094.7 FM Hines Creek, Alberta
CIAM-FM-7 0107.5 FM Slave Lake, Alberta
CIAM-FM-8 0092.5 FM Charlie Lake, British Columbia 2007-153
CIAM-FM-11 0098.5 FM Vanderhoof, British Columbia
CIAM-FM-10 0100.1 FM Buckland, Saskatchewan 2008-302
CIAM-FM-16 0095.9 FM Meander River, Alberta
CIAM-FM-13 0096.9 FM Peerless Lake, Alberta
CIAM-FM-18 0095.5 FM Manning, Alberta
CIAM-FM-12 0091.5 FM Cleardale, Alberta
CIAM-FM-17 0096.9 FM Chateh, Alberta
CIAM-FM-14 0095.5 FM Wabasca, Alberta
CIAM-FM-15 0095.5 FM Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

On May 16, 2008, CIAM has applied to the CRTC to add a transmitter at Buckland, Saskatchewan and another at Vanderhoof, British Columbia [3] [4] [5] Also on July 15, 2008 the station applied to add more rebroadcasters to a number of communities in Alberta and received approval on November 6, 2008.[6]

On March 13, 2009, an application received by CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association proposes to amend the technical parameters of its transmitter, CIAM-FM-11 Vanderhoof, British Columbia, by changing the frequency from 97.9 MHz to 98.5 MHz.[7] This frequency change was approved on May 11, 2009.[8]

On April 22, 2010, CIAM-FM applied to add more transmitters in these following locations: 89.5 MHz Three Hills, Alberta, 105.5 MHz Prespatou, British Columbia and 107.5 MHz in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. This application was denied by the CRTC on August 20, 2010.[9] On March 17, 2011, the station reapplied to add new transmitters in Three Hills, Alberta, Prespatou, British Columbia and Dawson Creek, British Columbia. All three of these locations were approved by the CRTC on July 28, 2011.[10][11]

On October 25, 2011, the CRTC approved an application by CIAM-FM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association to change the authorized contours of its transmitter CIAM-FM-12 Cleardale, Alberta by decreasing the antenna's effective height above average terrain from 48.5 to 39.07 metres and relocating the transmitter site.[12]

On August 9, 2012, CIAM received approval from the CRTC to add a transmitter at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The new Prince Albert transmitter will operate at 107.1 MHz on the FM band.[13]

On June 8, 2016, the CRTC approved CIAM Media & Radio Broadcasting Association's application to operate a low-power rebroadcasting transmitter in Taber, Alberta which will operate at 89.3 MHz (channel 207LP) with an effective radiated power of 50 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 25.85 metres).[14]


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