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The European Commission of the Nobility (French: Commission d'information et de liaison des associations nobles d'Europe, CILANE) is an organisation for cooperation of associations of European nobility, established in 1959.[1] Its seat is in Paris, France.


The CILANE has no president but rather a "Coordinator", elected for three years. The coordinator's role is to prepare and conduct the spring and autumn sessions of the CILANE and to carry out its decisions, enabling each national association to carry out projects together. It holds an international congress every three years.

The spring session takes place traditionally in Paris, the seat of the CILANE. In autumn the sessions are held in one of the other member countries. Significantly, most of the organisations represented in CILANE are private initiatives, particularly in nations where titles of nobility are no longer recognised by their respective states and therefore unregulated by law.

Due to the position of the Permanent Deputation and Council of the Greatness and Titles of the Kingdom of only recognizing foreign titles as such if «...the succession in these titles should only be reflected when they have been possessed by people who have recognized the succession of kings effectively reigning, but not claimants or holders in exile of disappeared kingdoms", particularly in " the case of titles of the extinct Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, such a kingdom no longer exists and the claimants to it are not effectively reigning monarchs" , and the consequent internal divisions within it, Spain does not have official representation in the coordinating organization of the European nobility CILANE.[2]

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The delegates represent their nobility associations at the CILANE for the following countries:

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