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Introduction 2005
CIMACT user France, Germany, Georgia, Rossia, Poland, Portugal, Norwey, The Netherlands, Thurkey, and the NATO CAI
CIMACT trial Slovenia, Srbija
CIMACT requested Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom
Interested Alaska (US), Brasil

CIMACT is a European Civil- Military Air Traffic Management Co-ordination Tool.


CIMACT is a EUROCONTROL software product, that combines and merges several civilian surveillance- and military sensor data sources with Flight plan data sources. After data correlation it provides a Recognised Air Picture (RAP). CIMACT might be operated and displayed on COTS hardware or special IT. The CIMACT system’s and data classification is for “official use releasable to the CIMACT users”.


CIMACT was developed on the basis of ADMAR 2000, ADMAR, ADKAR and GAME initially on the basis of the special Agreement of MOD Germany (BMVg – A/13/D/HG/82, April 18, 1983) in cooperation with EUROCONTROL. It has been operational since 1983 and was used by the German Air Force exclusively. Since 2003 it became of interest for other European countries, NATO and security related authorities and organisations as well.


CIMACT is developed as a common co-ordination system to exchange information between civil and military users where the appropriate national system does not support close cooperation and exchange of security / safety of life related information. To day, CIMACT integrates this information to provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the air situation. It is capable of processing in real-time a variety of inputs such as radar data, track data, positional data, flight plan data etc. It also contains basic Air Traffic Control (ATC) functionalities and flight plan data information. Last but not least, CIMACT offers an automated interface with the EUROCONTROL Local And sub-Regional Air space management support system (LARA).

ATC-related information[edit]

Example for some Air Traffic Control related information
Requested Flight Level
(requested FL)
Cleared flight level
(cleared FL)
Climb indicator /
Descent indicator
call sign
Mode S
(24 bit code)

Flight way related information[edit]

Example for some flight way related information
Beacon name Speed in flight Flight level altitude Display of flight route

CIMACT supported ASTERIX ATC Standard[edit]

  • CAT000 TSM / Time Stamp (reserved for MADAP)
  • CAT001 Plots ( replaced by CAT048)
  • CAT002 Plots ( replaced by CAT034)
  • CAT003 DSATD (reserved for MADAP)
  • CAT004 Safety Nets Messages (Safety Net Server)
  • CAT008 Monoradar WX
  • CAT009 Multisensor WX (reserve for MADAP)
  • CAT021 ADS-B Messages (ADS-B Ground Station)
  • CAT030 Air Situation Picture (reserved for ARTAS)
  • CAT034 Plots RADNET/ MilRADNET (formerly 002)
  • CAT048 Plots RADNET/ MilRADNET (formerly 001)
  • CAT062 Tracks including Mode S (RADNET/ MilRADNET)
  • CAT065 Status SDPS (RADNET/ MilRADNET)
  • CAT142 Track Highlight Messages used by NATO/CAI
  • CAT148 Exported Track Messages (used by FLIZ Cologne)
  • CAT149 Exported Track Messages (used by PCC Bann)
  • CAT150 Flight Data Message (used by MADAP)
  • CAT152 Time Stamp (used by MADAP)
  • CAT252 Session and SCM (used by ARTAS)

Benefit to Air Traffic Management (ATM)[edit]

CIMACT enhances the safe management of airspace and air traffic in general as it improves the common situational awareness. As a consequence, it reduces infringements and increases airspace capacity. National air security is also improved by CIMACT as it detects and highlights potentially renegade aircraft. It supports and enables cross-border coordination.

Compliancy with European Commission’s Regulations[edit]

Apart from the features benefits described above, CIMACT offers states and users the opportunity to comply with articles 6.2 of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 2150/2005 laying down common rules for the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA).


CIMACT is used by an increasing number of countries. Among them are Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Russia, The Netherlands, and Turkey. NATO also introduced it in order support renegade aircraft investigation. It is use as well in the NATO CAOC 2 located in Germany. The number of users is increasing permanently. In this respect Brazil and the USA showed interest.

CIMACT utilisation in NATO CRC[edit]

According to Tactical Air Command and Control (TACC) missions CIMACT is designed to support NATO Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) operations with a co-primary RAP on operators Working Positions (WP) as follows:

WP 1 WP 2 - 5 WP 6 WP 7 WP 8 WP 9 WP 10 WP 11 WP 12
MC -
Master Controller

FA -
Fighter Allocator
WP 1 … n

Track Production

Track Production

IC -

EC -

TK -
Tracker &
E3A Operator

SO -
Senior Ops
Officer /
Briefing Room

CIMACT utilisation in Fighter Wing[edit]

In a Fighter Wing (US: Group) / Squadron CIMACT might be used as follows:

CIMACT-support in a NATO-assigned Air Force unit, ATC-area Radar Approach (APP)
WP 1 WP 2 - 3 WP 4
Approach (APP)
Radar APP
Wing-/ Squadron OPS
Briefing room
Remote Access Capability (RAC)

SATCO - Senior Air Traffic Contro Officer
TWR - Air Traffic Control Tower
CIMACT will be used in Air Traffic Control (ATC) missions, if it receives the admission licence by the appropriate national aviation authority.


The states pay normally for the CIMACT hardware and data communication lines. The CIMACT software is releasable to all EUROCONTROL and ECAC member states free of charge. Maastricht MUAC service team’s helpdesk support, presentations and trials on the basis of EUROCONTROL demonstration system are also free of charge. This service is normally agreed by the MNUG. However, additional services not agreed by the MNUG (e.g. specific software maintenance, further development etc.) will be paid normally by the appropriate nation.


CIMACT will be maintained and further developed in line with the user requirements. In this spirit, all users are invited to contribute inputs. The appropriate decisions are taken on EUROCONTROL Multinational User Group (MNUG) level. The responsible national authorities and NATO have the right to vote. Decisions have to be taken anonymously. MNUG meetings take place normally in EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels. However, the nations might invite the CIMACT community for MNUG meetings to their countries. With that background the 7th MNUG meeting 2006 was contacted in CRC Drachenbronn (France), and the 9th meeting 2007 was contacted in CRC Messstetten (Germany). Dates of MNUG meetings will be published in due time on the CIMACT user portal “EUROCONTROL OneSky Team” (see Weblinks). On this portal CIMACT publications are available.

Responsibility of the nations[edit]

The CIMACT user nations are responsible to stand for their interests during EUROCONTROL MNUG meetings. They are proving input date for operational requirements, making proposals and suggestions in order to maintain and improve CIMACT. They are also responsible for the national hardware procurement, in-service support management, obsolescence management, and the provision of the data communication lines necessary. If EUROCONTROL data sources can’t be used, national sensor and flight plan data will be applied.

EUROCONTROL points of contact[edit]


  • CIMACT Project Management
Headquarters EUROCONTROL Brussels
  • Software engineering, helpdesk, trials, and demonstration
CIMACT Development Team


EUROCONTROL provides presentations when requested and has a demonstration system available for installation at a potential user’s site for a trial period before the potential user takes a decision. In accordance with the agreed user requirements EUROCONTROL service comprises the evolution of CIMACT, software maintenance, software changes, the configuration management and training. It supports installation of CIMACT systems and provides helpdesk on request of the nations. Extra service and special requirements, e.g. management of the deployed systems, might be provided on as bilateral basis. This is regularly the case with respect the German Air Force and NATO.

Software and hardware[edit]

CIMACT is a software package (using Linux and coded in C++). The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for that proprietary software are owned by EUROCONTROL. This software is releasable to interested users on request. It’s running on COTS standard hardware that is in line with minimum specification required. The CIMACT picture might be displayed on any type monitor (consumer -, industrial - or professional solution) providing the resolution defined or required. It may be operated on one single PC, Laptop or 6026 IPC (an Integrated Industrial PC). If the particular CIMACT system consists of more that one single working position, the introduction of a CIMACT server is indispensable. The server IT might be on COTS technology as well, if it meets the minimum technical specification required.


CIMACT paves the way towards the European wide application of the FUA concept with new opportunities for improving civil-military cooperation. CIMACT is a reliable cost-effective operational system supporting the improvement of civil-military co-ordination and security, which enhances the safety of air navigation in line with the Single European Sky.

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