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CIPA is one of the oldest International Scientific Committees of ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites). CIPA was founded in 1968 jointly with ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) to facilitate the transfer of technology from the measurement sciences into the heritage documentation and recording disciplines. CIPA originally stood for the Comité International de Photogrammétrie Architecturale. However this old but well known name no longer describes the full scope of CIPA activities, so CIPA Heritage Documentation was established.

CIPA Heritage Documentation is now an organization that endeavours to transfer technology from the measurement and visualisation sciences to the disciplines of cultural heritage recording, conservation and documentation. CIPA acts as a bridge between the producers of heritage documentation, and the users of this information.

CIPA’s mission is to encourage the development of principles and practices for the recording,documentation and information management for all aspects of cultural heritage; and to support and encourage the development of specialized tools and techniques in support of these activities.

Specialisations of CIPA[edit]

The activities of the Working Groups and Task Groups are only part of the CIPA contribution to ICOMOS and ISPRS. Many of the National Delegates are active researchers with specialisations covering:

• field surveying • laser scanning • building surveying • site documentation • monument conservation • landscape modelling • archaeological exploration • data base systems • underwater recording • information systems • 3d modelling • close-range photogrammetry • analysis of old photographs • multimedia and virtual reality displays • petroglyph and pictograph documentation

The expertise of CIPA members is ever expanding and is not limited to those mentioned here. For examples of projects and applications undertaken by CIPA members please consult the web site or purchase the proceedings from the CIPA Symposia.

Activities of CIPA[edit]

CIPA holds an International Symposium every 2 years, either in conjunction with a major conference of the two parent organisations or as a special CIPA event. Often, accompanying these Symposia are specialist workshops dealing with specific topics. The proceedings of the Symposia are also published, either as a journal or on CD-ROM, and some papers are available from the CIPA web site. CIPA also maintains a discussion list, where the experts associated with CIPA provide advice and information on problems and solutions.

Membership and Participation[edit]

Membership of CIPA is open to everybody who has an interest in the documentation and preservation of cultural heritage. CIPA also needs active participants who can contribute to the activities of the Working and Task Groups, or who can represent others in their countries as National Delegates. National Delegates need to be nominated by the local chapter of either ICOMOS or ISPRS and can attend special sessions at CIPA Symposia.

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