Communications and Information Technology Commission (Saudi Arabia)

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Communications and Information Technology Commission
هيئة الاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات
Agency overview
Headquarters Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 24°44′56″N 46°41′18″E / 24.74889°N 46.68833°E / 24.74889; 46.68833
Agency executives

Communications and Information Technology Commission, (CITC) (Arabic: هيئة الاتصالات و تقنية المعلومات‎‎, Hai'at al-Itisalat wa Taqniat al-Ma`lumat) is the Saudi communications authority. It was first established under the name of Saudi Communications Commission in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers. The name was changed after the Commission was assigned new tasks related to information technology. Since October 2006, CITC has been handling the DNS structure and filtering in Saudi Arabia in the place of KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology).[1]


The Communications and Information Technology Commission is responsible for regulating the Internet and for hosting a firewall which blocks access to thousands of websites, mainly due to sexual and political content. Access to Megaupload has been intermittently blocked by the Internet authorities in Saudi Arabia. Censoring of many Arabic and English Wikipedia articles has also been repeatedly reported.


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