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The Collegiate Information and Visitors Services Association (CIVSA) is a higher education organization of more than 900 members dedicated to the advancement, standards and excellence of collegiate information and visitors services. As an association, CIVSA's mission is to provide knowledge exchange, research and connections in an inviting arena that builds professional and personal relationships. Members include admissions advisors, campus tour program managers, welcome center coordinators, directors, deans and others.

Consisting of an Executive Board, Board and committees, CIVSA is a member-driven association. Executive Board Officers and Regional Directors are elected by voting members each year during an annual conference hosted in summer.

CIVSA offers members and its affiliates year-round professional development opportunities including an annual conference and student institute, regional events, an email listserv, monthly webinars, book club discussions and quarterly newsletters.

CIVSA is a recognized organization by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS[1]).


The association is divided geographically into four regions, each of which is led by an elected Regional Director.

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Annual Conference[edit]

CIVSA offers an annual conference each May/June, which welcomes more than 400 people. The conference includes keynote presentations, member-led sessions, discussions, campus tours and networking opportunities.

The 2016 CIVSA Annual Conference will take place in San Diego, California from May 31 - June 3.

Leadership - Executive Board, Regional Directors and Headquarters[edit]

Executive Board:

Regional Directors:

Association Manager:

  • Jennifer McGowan

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