CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement

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CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement
Range U+2F800..U+2FA1F
(544 code points)
Plane SIP
Scripts Han
Assigned 542 code points
Unused 2 reserved code points
Source standards CNS 11643-1992
Unicode version history
3.1 542 (+542)
Note: [1][2]

CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement is a Unicode block containing Han characters used only for roundtrip compatibility mapping with planes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 15 of CNS 11643-1992.


CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement[1][2]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+2F80x 丽 丸 乁 𠄢 你 侮 侻 倂 偺 備 僧 像 㒞 𠘺 免 兔
U+2F81x 兤 具 𠔜 㒹 內 再 𠕋 冗 冤 仌 冬 况 𩇟 凵 刃 㓟
U+2F82x 刻 剆 割 剷 㔕 勇 勉 勤 勺 包 匆 北 卉 卑 博 即
U+2F83x 卽 卿 卿 卿 𠨬 灰 及 叟 𠭣 叫 叱 吆 咞 吸 呈 周
U+2F84x 咢 哶 唐 啓 啣 善 善 喙 喫 喳 嗂 圖 嘆 圗 噑 噴
U+2F85x 切 壮 城 埴 堍 型 堲 報 墬 𡓤 売 壷 夆 多 夢 奢
U+2F86x 𡚨 𡛪 姬 娛 娧 姘 婦 㛮 㛼 嬈 嬾 嬾 𡧈 寃 寘 寧
U+2F87x 寳 𡬘 寿 将 当 尢 㞁 屠 屮 峀 岍 𡷤 嵃 𡷦 嵮 嵫
U+2F88x 嵼 巡 巢 㠯 巽 帨 帽 幩 㡢 𢆃 㡼 庰 庳 庶 廊 𪎒
U+2F89x 廾 𢌱 𢌱 舁 弢 弢 㣇 𣊸 𦇚 形 彫 㣣 徚 忍 志 忹
U+2F8Ax 悁 㤺 㤜 悔 𢛔 惇 慈 慌 慎 慌 慺 憎 憲 憤 憯 懞
U+2F8Bx 懲 懶 成 戛 扝 抱 拔 捐 𢬌 挽 拼 捨 掃 揤 𢯱 搢
U+2F8Cx 揅 掩 㨮 摩 摾 撝 摷 㩬 敏 敬 𣀊 旣 書 晉 㬙 暑
U+2F8Dx 㬈 㫤 冒 冕 最 暜 肭 䏙 朗 望 朡 杞 杓 𣏃 㭉 柺
U+2F8Ex 枅 桒 梅 𣑭 梎 栟 椔 㮝 楂 榣 槪 檨 𣚣 櫛 㰘 次
U+2F8Fx 𣢧 歔 㱎 歲 殟 殺 殻 𣪍 𡴋 𣫺 汎 𣲼 沿 泍 汧 洖
U+2F90x 派 海 流 浩 浸 涅 𣴞 洴 港 湮 㴳 滋 滇 𣻑 淹 潮
U+2F91x 𣽞 𣾎 濆 瀹 瀞 瀛 㶖 灊 災 灷 炭 𠔥 煅 𤉣 熜 𤎫
U+2F92x 爨 爵 牐 𤘈 犀 犕 𤜵 𤠔 獺 王 㺬 玥 㺸 㺸 瑇 瑜
U+2F93x 瑱 璅 瓊 㼛 甤 𤰶 甾 𤲒 異 𢆟 瘐 𤾡 𤾸 𥁄 㿼 䀈
U+2F94x 直 𥃳 𥃲 𥄙 𥄳 眞 真 真 睊 䀹 瞋 䁆 䂖 𥐝 硎 碌
U+2F95x 磌 䃣 𥘦 祖 𥚚 𥛅 福 秫 䄯 穀 穊 穏 𥥼 𥪧 𥪧 竮
U+2F96x 䈂 𥮫 篆 築 䈧 𥲀 糒 䊠 糨 糣 紀 𥾆 絣 䌁 緇 縂
U+2F97x 繅 䌴 𦈨 𦉇 䍙 𦋙 罺 𦌾 羕 翺 者 𦓚 𦔣 聠 𦖨 聰
U+2F98x 𣍟 䏕 育 脃 䐋 脾 媵 𦞧 𦞵 𣎓 𣎜 舁 舄 辞 䑫 芑
U+2F99x 芋 芝 劳 花 芳 芽 苦 𦬼 若 茝 荣 莭 茣 莽 菧 著
U+2F9Ax 荓 菊 菌 菜 𦰶 𦵫 𦳕 䔫 蓱 蓳 蔖 𧏊 蕤 𦼬 䕝 䕡
U+2F9Bx 𦾱 𧃒 䕫 虐 虜 虧 虩 蚩 蚈 蜎 蛢 蝹 蜨 蝫 螆 䗗
U+2F9Cx 蟡 蠁 䗹 衠 衣 𧙧 裗 裞 䘵 裺 㒻 𧢮 𧥦 䚾 䛇 誠
U+2F9Dx 諭 變 豕 𧲨 貫 賁 贛 起 𧼯 𠠄 跋 趼 跰 𠣞 軔 輸
U+2F9Ex 𨗒 𨗭 邔 郱 鄑 𨜮 鄛 鈸 鋗 鋘 鉼 鏹 鐕 𨯺 開 䦕
U+2F9Fx 閷 𨵷 䧦 雃 嶲 霣 𩅅 𩈚 䩮 䩶 韠 𩐊 䪲 𩒖 頋 頋
U+2FA0x 頩 𩖶 飢 䬳 餩 馧 駂 駾 䯎 𩬰 鬒 鱀 鳽 䳎 䳭 鵧
U+2FA1x 𪃎 䳸 𪄅 𪈎 𪊑 麻 䵖 黹 黾 鼅 鼏 鼖 鼻 𪘀
1.^ As of Unicode version 11.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement block:

Version Final code points[a] Count L2 ID WG2 ID IRG ID Document
3.1 U+2F800..2FA1D 542 L2/00-032 Jenkins, John (2000-02-01), Compatibility Ideographs in the Unicode Standard 
L2/00-005R2 Moore, Lisa (2000-02-14), "Compatibility Characters", Minutes of UTC #82 in San Jose 
L2/00-049 N2159 Tseng, Shih-shyeng (2000-02-15), Proposal for Compatibility Ideographs (in Plane 2) 
L2/00-087 N2159R Tseng, Shih-shyeng (2000-03-10), Proposal for Compatibility Ideographs (in plane 2) 
L2/00-099 N2196 Sato, T. K. (2000-03-15), CJK COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPH 
L2/00-146 N2222R Sato, T. K. (2000-04-21), More information needed for COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPHS ? 
L2/00-147 N2223R Sato, T. K. (2000-04-21), Beyond the request of JIS COMPATIBILITY IDEOGRAPHS 
L2/00-270 Suignard, Michel (2000-08-08), 10646-2 FCD: Comments on TCA CJK Compatibility 
L2/00-272 N2237 Suignard, Michel (2000-08-23), "T.10, T.12", Comments accompanying the US positive vote on the CD ISO/IEC 10646-2 
L2/00-334 N2270 Shih-Shyeng, Tseng (2000-09-15), Updated CJK Compatibility Ideographs sets from TCA 
L2/00-369 Whistler, Ken (2000-10-06), "1 f", WG2 in Vouliagmeni (Athens) 
L2/03-399 Fok, Anthony (2003-10-13), Unihan reported errors / changes re kHKSCS entries 
L2/03-367 N2667 Suignard, Michel; Muller, Eric; Jenkins, John (2003-10-22), CJK Ideograph source references corrections 
L2/03-398 Nguyen, D. (2003-10-29), Unihan reported errors / changes re kCowles 
L2/04-209 N2775R N1063 Proposal to add 13 KP source reference to existing CJK Compatibility Characters, 2004-05-25 
L2/10-100 N3787 Request for disunifying U+2F89F from U+5FF9, 2010-04-07 
L2/10-218 N1666 Error report on U+225D6 AND U+2F89F, 2010-06-24 
L2/11-243 N4111 Sources for Orphaned CJK Ideographs, 2011-06-14 
L2/11-254 Constable, Peter (2011-06-20), "Update to UTR #45 U-Source Ideographs requested", UTC Liaison Report from WG2 
L2/14-260 Suignard, Michel (2014-10-23), CJK chart and source references update 
  1. ^ Proposed code points and characters names may differ from final code points and names

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