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CJUC-FM is Canadian radio station that broadcasts community radio programming on the frequency 92.5 FM at 50 watts in Whitehorse, Yukon.

2003: The station received approval on February 20, 2003.[1]
2008: The Commission approved changes to the authorized contours of the transmitter for the low power English-language Type B community FM radio programming undertaking CJUC-FM Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.[2]
2014: The Commission renewed the broadcasting licence for the English-language community radio programming undertaking CJUC-FM Whitehorse from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2021.[3]

The station's license is held by the Whitehorse, Yukon non-profit Utilities Consumers Group, a local organisation that monitors utility providers and advocates for local residents in matters involving local utility services. CJUC uses OpenBroadcaster for broadcast automation and is programmed by dedicated community volunteers.

Over its 15 years of operation, CJUC's focus has broadened significantly and it now serves as an important resource for Whitehorse residents wanting to present information and culture to their community. CJUC provides volunteers a canvas to broadcast a wide and eclectic mix of music and spoken-word selections that would otherwise not be represented in the community. Additionally, CJUC has become a key vehicle for artists, belonging to Whitehorse's thriving music scene, to present their work, build a local support base and promote performances.

CJUC also offers training opportunities for community members interested in honing their skills in audio and radio technologies.


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Coordinates: 60°45′00″N 135°05′39″W / 60.75000°N 135.09417°W / 60.75000; -135.09417