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Korea Express (hangul:대한통운, KOREX, Korea Express, KRX: 000120) is South Korea's largest total cargo delivery company, delivering over 20 million packages a day to over 100 countries around the world. It has expanded its operations to include logistics and other transportation-related areas. It is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

Korea Express is known for its orange trucks, also known as cargo trucks (hence the company nickname "Big Orange"). Daehan Logistics also operates its own commercial vehicles.

It's also one of the few Korean companies founded when Korea was a part of Japan.

Major competitors include Korean National Railroad (Korail), Hanjin, and Koryeo Golden Box. Historically, KOREX only faced competition from Korail for the inexpensive ground based delivery market. However, Hanjin have expanded into the ground market by acquiring RPS (originally Roadway Package System) and rebranded it as Hanjin Ground. In addition, Koryeo Golden Box acquired Korail. This acquisition increases Hanjin presence in Korea which will add more competition to the ground delivery market.

Daehan Logistics offers ground and air transportation, rail and over-the-road freight products; international trade management; customs brokerage; consulting and supply chain design; e-commerce solutions; logistics and distribution capabilities, and financial services related to the supply chain.

It was founded by the Japanese government in 1930 (when Korea was a part of Japan). It was turned into a state-owned enterprise in 1950 but re-privatized again in 1968, (sold off to Dongah Group) After Dongah Group filed for bankruptcy, Korea Express somehow survived and was re-acquired by Kumho Asiana Group in 2008. Kumho ended selling Korea Express to CJ Group in 2011 and the company's name was changed to CJ Korea Express in 2012. in 2014, CJ Korea Express merged with CJ GLS, Cj Group's existing logistics division.

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