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City Dryden
Broadcast area Northwestern Ontario
Branding CKDR
Slogan "Today's Hits, Yesterday's Favourites"
Frequency 92.7 MHz (FM)
Format adult contemporary
ERP vertical polarization:
17 kWs
horizontal polarization:
39 kWs
HAAT 87.2 meters (286 ft)
Class B
Callsign meaning C K DRyden
Owner Acadia Broadcasting, Limited

CKDR-FM is a radio station in Dryden, Ontario, Canada. The station broadcasts an adult contemporary format at 92.7 FM

CKDR also has rebroadcasters in Ear Falls, Hudson, Ignace, Red Lake and Sioux Lookout.


CKDR was launched in 1963 on its original frequency of AM 900 kHz. In 1979, Fawcett Broadcasting was given approval to add rebroadcast transmitters for CKDR at Ear Falls, Hudson, and Sioux Lookout, while a transmitter was added to Red Lake in 1980.

CKDR moved from 900 to 800 kHz in 1984 and remained on 800 until November 8, 2005, when the station converted to the FM band at 92.7 MHz.[1][2]


Rebroadcasters of CKDR-FM
City of license Identifier Frequency Power Class RECNet CRTC Decision
Ignace CKDR-FM-1 97.5 FM 50 watts LP Query 2014-287
Sioux Lookout CKDR-2-FM 97.1 FM 166 watts A Query
Hudson CKDR-3 1450 AM 40 watts LP Query
Ear Falls CKDR-4-FM 97.5 FM 50 watts LP Query
Red Lake CKDR-5-FM 97.1 FM 420 watts A Query

In 1977, CKDR received approval for a 50 watt rebroadcaster at Ignace, to operate on 1340 kHz with a call sign CKIG.

On June 27, 1979, CKDR received approval to add rebroadcast transmitters at Ear Falls (CKEF 1490 kHz, 40 watts), Hudson (CKHD 1450 kHz, 40 watts), and Sioux Lookout (CKSI 1400 kHz, 50 watts).

In 1981, CKEF Ear Falls was authorized to change frequencies from 1490 kHz to 1450 kHz.

During the 1980s, rebroadcasters CKIG (CKDR-1), CKEF (CKDR-4), CKHD (CKDR-3) and CKSI (CKDR-2) would all adopt the CKDR callsign.

In 2006, CKDR was given approval by the CRTC to convert CKDR-2 Sioux Lookout and CKDR-5 Red Lake to the FM band, both at 97.1 MHz to replace the AM signals. In December 2007 the Sioux Lookout repeater was converted to 97.1 FM. In the fall of 2008 the Red Lake AM repeater was also converted to FM, also at 97.1 MHz.[3][4]

On June 8, 2010, co-owned CFOB-FM Fort Frances applied to use the rebroadcasting transmitter CKDR-6-AM Atikokan to rebroadcast CFOB-FM instead of CKDR-2-FM Sioux Lookout.[5] The CRTC approved the plan on August 19, 2010.[6] Community leaders in Atikokan said their community has stronger ties to Fort Frances, than to Dryden. The 50-Watt rebroadcaster and an FM CBC Radio One transmitter (CBQI-FM 90.1) provide the only local radio reception in Atikokan, which has a population of about 3,300.

On June 2, 2014, CKDR received approval from the CRTC to convert CKDR-1 Ignace from the AM band (1340 kHz) to the FM band at 97.5 MHz with the effective radiated power of 50 watts.[7]

On November 27, 2015, CKDR submitted an application to convert CKDR-4 (1450 AM) Ear Falls from the AM band to the FM band at 97.5 MHz.[8] This was approved on March 9, 2016.[9]


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Coordinates: 49°47′02″N 92°48′25″W / 49.78389°N 92.80694°W / 49.78389; -92.80694