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CKM PL September 2009.jpg
September 2009 cover
Editor-in-chiefPiotr Skalski Czytaj więcej na:
CategoriesMen's magazines
PublisherMarquard Media Polska
Year founded1998
First issueJuly 1998
LanguagePolish, Hungarian, Serbian

CKM - is a men's magazine, (shortened to English Cool Kind of Men, Polish Czasopismo każdego mężczyzny, Hungarian Céltudatos Kalandvágyó [Férfiak] Magazinja and Serbian Cice, Kola, Medvedi). The Polish title literally means Every Men's Magazine, but read as an abbreviation (correct spelling: ckm, in lower case) it also means ciężki karabin maszynowy ("heavy machine gun").

History and profile[edit]

CKM was established by Marquard Media in 1998.[2] It is a family of cultural semi-erotic monthly magazines for men, focused mainly on entertainment and factography. It encompassed editions in Poland and Hungary. The latter was launched in 1998.[2] Both Polish and Hungarian editions were part of the Marquard Media.[2] There is also a CKM - Serbian edition launched in September 2003.[2]

Piotr Gontowski is the editor-in-chief of the Polish edition.[2]

The written tone is outspoken, provocative, at the same time finding humour and dealing with the most serious issues. The magazine also covers articles on lifestyle topicsç[2]

International editions[edit]

(starting at the accompanying date, or during the accompanying date range)

  • Polish (1998-), original edition
  • Hungarian (1998-2013)
  • Serbian (2003-2014)


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