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Dr. C. K. Raut
डा. सी. के. राउत
Personal details
Born Mahadeva, Saptari District, Province No. 2, Nepal
Alma mater Cambridge University, Tribhuvan University and University of Tokyo

C. K. Raut (full: Chandra Kant Raut, Nepali: चन्द्र कान्त राउत), PhD (Cambridge), is a formerly US-based computer scientist, author and political leader, who has been actively involved in demanding a separate Madhesh country for the Madhesi people.[1] He is often placed under house-arrest by the Government of Nepal .[2][3]

Early life[edit]

Dr. Raut was born in Mahadeva Village, in the Saptari district, Sagarmatha Zone of Nepal. He attended primary school in his home village, and secondary school in nearby Katti . He went on to study at Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Tokyo University (Japan) and Cambridge University (UK)..He is a recipient of Young Nepalese Engineer Award, Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan, Kulratna Gold Medal, and Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award among others.[4]

Professional career[edit]

He worked as a computer scientist for the US based company Raytheon BBN technologies.

Political movement[edit]

Dr. Raut is the founding president of the Non-Resident Madhesi Association, a global diaspora organisation of Madhesi people living abroad.[5] He is also the founder of the Injot Movement, a social transformation initiative targeted at Nepal, Ethiopia,and Bangladesh. In recent years, he has been advocating for an end to racism, colonisation and discrimination imposed on the Madheshi people, by the Nepali "ruling class" by his definition.


On 13 September 2014, the Government of Nepal, arrested him for giving a speech to indigenous people, called Santhals, in their annual festival. Dr. Raut started fast unto death in custody from 20 September arguing that his right to freedom and expression was violated by the government.[6][7][8][9] He was hospitalised on 25 September Thursday after complains of severe stomach pain. Nepali Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Poudel, Minister for Information and Communications Minendra Rijal and Agriculture Minister Hari Parajuli went to the hospital to urge Raut to end his fast.[10] He ended his fast on 1 October after 11 days, upon government's request and commitment to respect freedom of expression. The Attorney Office filed a sedition case at the Special Court on 8 October.[11]

International Support[edit]

New York City based Human Right Watch issued this statement on the arrest and subsequent filing of seadation charges against Dr Raut.

"The Nepal authorities should immediately withdraw sedition charges and unconditionally release rights campaigner Chandra Kant Raut. His arrest threatens the chances of a robust debate on federalism, and undermines the promise of inclusion. Raut's arrest shows that minority voices can and will be easily sidelined."[12]

Asian Human Rights Commission has stated

"Acknowledging that everyone has the rights to freedom of speech, movement, peaceful assembly and association are the fundamental rights of all human beings everywhere, as also mandated by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Nepal is a signatory, we expect acknowledgement and assurance of our rights from the state and its agencies. The AHRC urges the government of Nepal to immediately release Dr Chandra Kant Raut. The AHRC fears possible torture, harassment and other ill treatment during their arbitrary arrest by the Morang Police."[13]

Amnesty International wrote a letter to Minister for Home Affairs demanding Raut's release.[14][15]

Speech in Biratnagar[edit]

On 3 January 2015 Dr. CK Raut was again arrested while giving a speech at Jutwa College. Many supporters were injured following clash with the police. A dozen police personnels were injured in a .Dr. Raut's supporter claimed police has used brutal force and didn't allow DR. Raut to be hospitalised locally for injuries incurred during the clash.[16]

Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM)[edit]

Dr.Raut is the president and the founding member of Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM), which in its manifesto has described itself as a coalition of Terai people discriminated by Pahari civilisation. It has people of various sub-ethnicities, activists, parties and various organisations that are working towards establishing an independent Madhesh. Although it was established in 2007, it only announced their manifesto through a press conference in Kathmandu on 21 May 2012. The manifesto states the main objective of AIM is to achieve independence of Madhesh through peaceful and non-violent means. It has also demanded an end an end to racism, slavery and discrimination imposed on Nepali people of Madheshi origin by the Pahari people. It claims to have three pillars (a) independent Madhesh of Nepal (b) non-violence and peaceful means (c) democratic system.[17]

Books and films[edit]

  1. मधेश स्वराज / Madhesh Swaraj
  2. मधेश का इतिहास / A History of Madhesh
  3. वीर मधेशी / Bir Madheshi
  4. वैरागदेखि बचावसम्म (आत्मकथा) [Denial to Defense]
  5. Black Buddhas: The Madheshis of Nepal (documentary)


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