CLARK the band

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CLARK the band
Also known as Clark
Origin Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Genres Indie rock
Years active 1999–2007
Labels Zunior Records
Associated acts Arcade Fire
Past members John Tielli
Matt Gagnon
Mike Dubue
Philip Shaw Bova
Andrew McCormack
Vish Khanna
Jeremy Gara
Tim Kingsbury
Robin Buckley
Dan Neill
Ryan Myshrall
Jordy Walker
Corwin Fox

CLARK the band was an indie rock band operating out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The band was formed in Ottawa in 1999 by John Tielli who sang, played guitar and composed.

Initially named simply "Clark", the group found this problematic due to other groups being identically or similarly named. It was decided that using the name "CLARK the band" would help to alleviate the issue.

The group's roster changed throughout its existence with Tielli being the only consistent member. Primary members also included Matt Gagnon on bass and vocals, Mike Dubue on keyboards and vocals, Philip Shaw Bova on drums, Andrew McCormack on drums, Jeremy Gara on drums, Tim Kingsbury on bass and vocals, Vish Khanna on drums, Robin Buckley on drums, Dan Neill on drums, vocals and keyboards, Ryan Myshrall on bass, Jordy Walker on drums and Corwin Fox on bass and vocals.

The group disbanded in 2007. Tielli has since moved to Toronto and formed the group Metal Kites.


Year Album Label
2000 Clark Independent Release
2001 Terra Incognita - By Land, Sea and Air
2005 The Woods Zunior

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