CMLL World Heavyweight Championship

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CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo del CMLL
ValVenis chalkphoto.jpg
Val Venis, the 8th CMLL World Heavyweight Champion under the name "Steel"
Current champion(s) Máximo Sexy
Date won January 30, 2015[1]
Date established June 9, 1991
Promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

The CMLL World Heavyweight Championship (Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo del CMLL in Spanish) is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship promoted by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and has been in existence since 1991. Unlike other world titles in other promotions, this championship is not the main title in CMLL due to the greater number of competitors in lower weight divisions.[2]

The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute worked finishes rather than contend in direct competition.

Championship history[edit]

In the late 1980s CMLL left the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) to avoid the politics of the NWA. In 1991 CMLL decided to create a series of World Championships, the first of which was the for the Heavyweight division. The first champion was crowned in the finals of a 16 man tournament that saw Konnan el Babaro defeat Cien Caras. Konnan lost the title to Cien Caras in his first title defense on August 18, 1991, making him one of only two champions to not have a single successful title defense. Cien Caras would go on to successfully defend the Championship against Vampiro, Solomon Grundy and Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. Caras left CMLL along with a group of wrestlers to join the recently formed Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), thus vacating the Championship. CMLL held a 16 man tournament from October 30, 1992 until November 20, 1992, and saw Black Magic win the title, becoming the first non-Hispanic competitor to win the Championship. Black Magic made six successful title defenses during his run with the title, defeating Villano IV, Tigre Canadiense, Brazo de Plata twice, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and King Haku. His title came to an end when Brazo de Plata won the title on June 27, 1993. Plata went on to retain the title against Silver King, Gran Markus, Jr. and Pierroth, Jr. before losing it to Silve King on July 28, 1994. Silver King would defend the title four times, including a title defense against his own brother Dr. Wagner, Jr.. June 23, 1995 saw Apolo Dantés become the sixth overall champion. Dántes made successful defenses against Canadians Corazon de Leon and Vampiro, before losing it to Rayo de Jalisco Jr. on April 14, 1996. Jalisco Jr. defeated Dantes in the rematch, followed by successful title defenses against Gran Markus, Jr. and Mascara Ano 2000. On April 18, 1997 Steel won the title, and became only the second wrestler to not have a single successful title defense as he vacated the title when he left for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF later WWE) where he became known as "Val Venis".

Instead of a holding a traditional tournament to crown another champion CMLL decided to take the top three heavyweights contenders in Universo 2000, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Cien Caras. On October 19, 1997 Universo 2000 won the title, starting the first of his three reigns. Universo 2000 defended the title three times, against Brazo de Plata, Mascara Sagrada, and Rayo de Jalisco Jr., before losing the title to Rayo de Jalisco Jr. With his title win Rayo de Jalisco Jr. became the first man to hold the title twice. Rayo defended against Cien Caras and Máscara Año 2000 but was not able to defeat the third "Dinamita" as he lost to Universo 2000.[Note 1] Universo 2000's second run with the title is by far the longest individual reign as he kept the title for 1,225 days and successfully defending the title 19 times, a record as well. Universo defended against Máscara Sagrada, Brazo de Plata, 8 times against Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Villano IV, Lizmark, Jr., Mr. Niebla and Violencia. The record breaking run ended on April 18, 2003 when Mr. Niebla won the title. Mr. Niebla managed to defend against Universo 2000 as well as Apolo Dantés, Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Tinieblas Jr before losing the title to Universo 2000. With his win Universo 2000 became the only wrestler to hold the title three times. Universo 2000 defended against Dos Caras, Jr. twice, Mr. Niebla and Mascara Sagrada. On July 8, 2007 Dos Caras, Jr. became the 14th overall champion. His reign lasted 533 days but only saw Caras, Jr. defend the title four times over all, defeating Lizmark, Jr., Universo 2000 and Último Guerrero. Towards the end of Dos Caras, Jr. title reign he received an offer from WWE putting his future as a champion in question. On December 22, 2008, Guerrero won the title and shortly afterwards Caras, Jr. left CMLL for WWE. On April 2, 2009 Último Guerrero successfully defended the World title against Rey Mendoza, Jr. on an independent wrestling promotion show in Gomez Palacio, marking the first time the CMLL World title has been defended on a non-CMLL promoted show.[3] After a 963 day reign and 17 successful defenses, Guerrero lost the title to Héctor Garza on August 12, 2011.[4] The championship was vacated on November 11, 2011, after Garza left CMLL for Perros del Mal Producciones.[5] On January 1, 2012, El Terrible was crowned the new champion, when he defeated CMLL World Light Heavyweight Champion Rush in a decision match.[6] The two had won a torneo cibernetico match a week earlier to earn spots in the match.[7]

Championship rules[edit]

As the Championship is designated as a heavyweight title, the Championship can only officially be competed for by wrestlers weighing at least 105 kg (231 lb). The rule is not strictly adhered to as several champions have been under the weight limit, including former champion Héctor Garza.[8] While the Heavyweight title is traditionally considered the most prestigious weight division in professional wrestling, CMLL places more emphasis on the lower weight divisions. As such, the CMLL World Heavyweight Title is not considered the top CMLL Championship.[9] All title matches take place under two out of three falls rules.


Máximo Sexy is the current CMLL World Heavyweight champion. He won the title on January 30, 2015 by defeating El Terrible.[1] He's the 19th overall champion and the 15th person to hold the title. Universo 2000 has held the title the most times, three. Universo 2000 also holds the record for the longest combined reign with 2,555 days. The first champion, Konnan, also held the title the shortest with 70 days.

Championship tournaments[edit]

1991 CMLL World Heavyweight tournament[edit]

The tournament to crown the inaugural CMLL World Heavyweight champion ran from May 24 to June 9, 1991 and featured 16 competitors. The first round of the tournament saw two eight-man battle royals used to cut the field in half with the last four surviving wrestlers from each match advancing. The second round saw another pair of battle royals, this time four men in each to find the final four wrestlers who faced off in traditional semi-finals and finals.

First round Second round Semifinals Final
1 Konnan el Babaro W
16 Brazo de Plata  
Konnan W
Mascara Año 2000  
8 Vampiro Canadiense  
9 Mascara Año 2000 W
Konnan W
Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.  
5 Black Magic W
12 Universo 2000  
Black Magic  
Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. W
4 Rayo de Jalisco Jr. W
13 El Egipico  
Konnan W
Cien Caras  
6 Nitron W
11 Fabulous Blondie  
Nitron W
Pierroth, Jr.  
3 Gran Markus, Jr.  
14 Pierroth, Jr. W
Cien Caras W
7 Pirata Morgan W
10 El Egipcio  
Pirata Morgan  
Cien Caras W
2 Cien Caras W
15 Mascara Sagrada  

1992 CMLL World Heavyweight tournament[edit]

After Cien Caras left CMLL for AAA in 1992 CMLL decided to hold a traditional 16 man tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament ran from October 30 to November 20, 1992

First round Second round Semifinals Final
1 Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. W
16 Sultan Gargola  
Rayo de Jalisco, Jr. W
Rick Patterson  
8 MS-1  
9 Rick Patterson W
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. W
King Haku  
5 King Haku W
12 Popetikus  
'King Haku W
Brazo de Plata  
4 Brazo de Plata W
13 Aaron Grundy  
Rayo de Jalisco, Jr.  
Black Magic W
6 Black Magic W
11 Gran Markus, Jr.  
Black Magic W
Kahoz I  
3 Troglodita  
14 Kahos I W
Black Magic W
7 Vampiro W
10 El Egipico  
Pirata Morgan  
Vampiro W
2 Pirata Morgan W
15 Masakre  


  1. ^ Cien Caras, Mascara Año 2000 and Cien Caras are also known as "Los Hermanos Dinamita" (Spanish for "The Dynamite Brothers") and they are actually brothers.


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