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CMP Quad
Bridgehead Bussum Chevrolet artillerietrekker.jpg
Seen at Bridgehead, Bussum (Netherlands)
Type Artillery tractor
Place of origin  Canada
Weight 10,880 pounds (empty) 13,200 pounds (gross)
Length 14 feet 1 inch
Width 7 feet 6 inches
Height 8 feet
Crew 1 + 5 passengers

Armor none
Engine Chevrolet, 6-cyl 216 cubic inch petrol
85 bhp (52 kW)
Suspension Wheel, 4 x 4

The CMP FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), officially the Chevrolet 8440/CGT Tractor, 4x4, Field Artillery, was an artillery tractor of the British and Commonwealth forces during World War II. CMP stood for Canadian Military Pattern and was applied to a number of trucks, artillery tractors and utility vehicles built in Canada that combined British design requirements with North American automotive engineering.[1]

As with other FATs, the CMP was usually used to tow either the 25 pounder gun-howitzer or the 17 pounder anti-tank gun. A power winch was located above the rear axle for manoeuvring the gun or unbogging the vehicle.


The first models were produced in 1940/41 and the body went through a number of design changes throughout the war.

Post-war examples were supplied to Denmark who provided their own bodywork.[2]

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