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CMT Comedy Stage is a stand-up comedy series hosted by Melissa Peterman (from TV's Reba). The series aired on the CMT network in 2007.


The first episode premiered on CMT on February 2nd, 2007. The last episode to air at this time is speculated to be the series finale. This episode was the eighth episode and aired on May 11, 2007. The program was taped over four nights at the historic Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN.

Originally, CMT only ordered 4 episodes of this series. At the end of the 4 episode run, CMT then ordered an additional 4 episodes.

In the first episode, comedians that appeared on stage included Greg Hahn, John Wesley Austin and Jon Reep. In the sophomore episode, Tom Mabe, Vic Henley and Etta May all appeared on stage. Mike Armstrong, Nate Bargatze and Gary Mule Deer all appeared in the third episode. In the fourth episode, Robert Hawkins, Trish Suhr and Killer Beaz all appeared on stage. Though comedian Kelly Terranova performed in and was taped as part of episode four, his spot was cut from the final edit due to time constraints. Kelly was invited back three months later for the second round of taping and appears in episode seven.

After the four aforementioned episodes aired, the show went on a two-month hiatus. At this time, CMT ordered another 4 episodes. These additional episodes were taped on April 10 and 11. Two episodes were taped each night.

The show returned on April 20 with comedians such as Buzz Sutherland, Greg Warren and Steve "Mudflap" McGrew. In the sixth episode, Tommy Johnagin, MG Gaskin, Kelly Terranova and John Heffron were featured on stage. James Johann, Bob Zany and Williams and Ree all appeared in the seventh episode. In the eight, and possibly the final episode, Rich Ragains, Wild Willy Parsons and Heath Hyche all appeared on stage.

CMT Comedy Stage is a Taillight TV Production. Tom Forrest is the Executive Producer and Ben Tyson is the Producer.

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