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Restored CNCP counter on display at the Saskatchewan Railway Museum

CNCP Telecommunications (Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Telecommunications) was an electrical telegraph operator and later as a telecom company. CNCP was created as a joint venture between the Canadian National Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1967, replacing the different networks used by the two railway companies (CN Telegraph interchanged traffic with the Postal Telegraph Cable Company in the US while CPR Telegraphs networked with Western Union). The two networks, former rivals, had been co-operating increasingly since the 1930s By 1980, CNCP was no longer a telegraph company and emerged as an early telecom company. A 40% stake was acquired by Rogers Communications in 1984 and CP acquired CN's stake. The network was dissolved in 1988 and Rogers renamed the company Unitel Communications Incorporated in 1989. The new company was later acquired by AT&T Canada (now Allstream). The telegram division became Telegrams Canada in 2002.