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Co-op Solutions
Operating areaUnited States, Canada
Founded1981 (as Co-op Network)

CU Cooperative Systems, Inc. doing business as Co-op Solutions[1][2] (formerly d.b.a. CO-OP Financial Services), is a company that operates an interbank network connecting the ATMs of credit unions in the United States, with locations also in Canada and certain United States Navy bases overseas. It is the largest credit union-owned interbank network in the US.[citation needed]

It is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California.[3][4]


The CO-OP Network began in 1981 when 20 credit unions in California united their 32 ATMs.[5] In 1986 the first CO-OP ATMs are deployed at 7-Eleven stores.[6]

In 2002, the network added its first Canadian member, CS CO-OP.[7][8]

In 2003, the network added 262 ATMs of the Navy Federal Credit Union which are located on U.S. Naval bases[9] through the United States plus Africa, Bahrain, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Greece, Guam, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Spain.[10] ATM access at these bases are restricted to individuals with the proper base security access.

In 2007, CO-OP members gained access to ATMs at 321 Costco Wholesale warehouses around the country.[11]

In 2015, CO-OP acquired majority interest in Canadian payments solutions provider Everlink Payment Services Inc.[12]

CO-OP acquired payment processor TMG in 2017, of which it held minority ownership since 2012.[13]

In 2019 Co-op Solutions processed 7.6 billion financial transactions.[14][15]

Shared branching[edit]

Co-op Solutions also provides what the company calls shared branching. Members of 1,800 credit unions can perform most teller transactions at any one of the network's 5,700 branches.[16][17][18] This system was founded in 1975 by five Detroit-area credit unions to minimize costs associated with having their own branches. [19]


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