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CO2 Coalition
CO2Coalition logo.png
Motto"Carbon Dioxide is Essential for Life"
Founder(s)Roger Cohen, William Happer, Rodney W. Nichols
Established2015; 4 years ago (2015)
FocusEnvironmental policy

The CO2 Coalition is a nonprofit conservative think tank in the United States. It consists of 46 climate scientists and energy economists[citation needed]. It was established in 2015 with a focus on promoting increased use of carbon dioxide through the notion that carbon dioxide has a positive effect on the environment by helping plants grow.[1] The tank has been accused of rejecting the scientific opinion on climate change [2]. The CO2 Coalition relies on UN IPCC data in its research, including in its testimony before Congress in April 2019[3]. It is viewed as the successor to the George C. Marshall Institute.[4]

The CO2 Coalition was one of over 40 organizations to sign a letter dated May 8, 2017, to president Donald Trump thanking him for his campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement,[5] an action Trump announced 3 weeks later on June 1, 2017.

The coalition receives funding from the Mercer Family Foundation and Koch brothers.[6]

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