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CobraCable map.svg
Outline of the COBRAcable
Country Denmark, the Netherlands
Coordinates 55°31′23″N 8°42′35″E / 55.52306°N 8.70972°E / 55.52306; 8.70972 (Endrup substation)
53°26′4″N 6°51′57″E / 53.43444°N 6.86583°E / 53.43444; 6.86583 (Eemshaven substation)
General direction northeast–southwest
From Endrup
Passes through German Bight
To Eemshaven
Ownership information
Construction information
Manufacturer of conductor/cable Prysmian
Manufacturer of substations Siemens
Construction started 2016
Expected 2019
Construction cost DKK 4.7 billion; €580m.[1]
Technical information
Type submarine cable
Type of current HVDC
Total length 325 km (202 mi)
Power rating 700 MW
AC voltage 400 kV
DC voltage ±320 kV

COBRAcable (COpenhagen-BRussels-Amsterdam cable) is a ±320 kV, 700 MW HVDC submarine power cable pair under construction between Eemshaven, the Netherlands, and Endrup near Esbjerg, Denmark. The cable will be jointly owned by and TenneT. Its purpose is to improve the European transmission grid and thus increase the amount of variable wind power in the system while improving supply reliability.[2][3][4] Its 700 MW capacity corresponds to an annual transmission capacity of 6.1 TWh.

The interconnector will have a length of 325 kilometres (202 miles),[2] will consist of two parallel cables each with a diameter of 13 cm (5.1 in)[5][6] and will include fiber-optic communication.[7] The connection will also be designed in such a way as to enable the connection of an offshore wind farm at a later stage. This will contribute to the realisation of a sustainable international energy landscape, a key aim of the European Union.[3]

On the Danish side the interconnector will reach land on the western coast of the island of Fanø and end on the mainland at the converter station near Endrup where an existing power facility will be extended with 5 hectares (12 acres). The building itself will have a footprint of 125 m × 36 m and a height of 21 m. A group of local residents have collaborated with in deciding the outer appearance of the building and its surrounding vegetation.[5]

The COBRAcable is a cross-border project of European significance. The European Commission has therefore allocated a subsidy to the project under the EU Economic Recovery Plan, and has designated the COBRAcable as a Project of Common Interest (PCI). In November 2015, the project was put on the EU "Projects of Common Interest" list, along with Viking Link between Denmark and England, and Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution between Denmark and Germany.[3][8]

Construction contracts were signed with Siemens and Prysmian in 2016[9] and in June 2016 Prysmian subcontracted the marine survey for the cable placement to the Swedish marine survey provider MMT.[10]

Onshore construction started in Denmark in October 2016[5] and in the Netherlands in January 2017.[11][12][13]

COBRACable is expected to be operational from early 2019.[2]

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