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CodeOrchestra COLT logo.png
Developer(s) Code Orchestra Limited
Stable release
1.2.2 / September 21, 2013 (2013-09-21)
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X
Type Interactive programming tool
License Proprietary

COLT (Code Orchestra Livecoding Tool) is an ActionScript and JavaScript livecoding tool by Code Orchestra, available by subscription.


The first version of COLT was released in May 2013, and at the time was the first available livecoding tool for the ActionScript Language. Further minor updates included mobile development support using Adobe AIR technology for iOS[1] and Android[2] devices. Version 1.1 included an upgraded Flex compiler boasting up to 3x compilation speed increase and allowed using the compiler bundled with an application as an external compiler for ActionScript IDEs using an external API.[3] Version 1.2 featured JavaScript support and a completely reworked user interface.[4]


IDE integration[edit]

COLT is a separate tool that can be used with any IDE unlike most livecoding tools that limit a user to usage of a specific development environment.[5] A code/resource routine is triggered on alteration of a file within COLT's project configured paths.[6] It also provides an external API providing methods to export a project, run livecoding sessions and production build routines, etc. to ease the IDE integration.[7]

Code Protection[edit]

To prevent an application from hanging or crashing due to the possible mistypes during live code updates, COLT manages to protect the running application from the following potentially dangerous cases:

  • Illegal syntax
  • Runtime errors
  • Infinite loops/recursions


Version 1.2.2 includes support for ActionScript and JavaScript programming languages


  • Runtime modifying and adding of fields, methods and classes[8]
  • Runtime updates of asset resources
  • Adobe AIR support for iOS and Android livecoding
  • Higher-performance Flex compiler


  • Runtime modifying and adding of functions and variables[9]
  • Runtime updates of asset resources
  • Live Reload capabilities (refreshing a browser page on project files alterations)
  • Production build routines (scripts combining, minifying, compression, deployment, etc.)
  • node.js support[10]
  • jQuery plugin for handling code/resources update events in client code


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