COM (manga magazine)

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COM manga magazine 1967-01 issue.JPG
The inaugural January 1967 issue of COM, feating Tezuka's Phoenix on the cover
Categories Avant-garde, shōnen manga
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Osamu Tezuka
First issue January 1967
Final issue 1972
Country Japan
Language Japanese

COM (コム, Komu) was a manga magazine started in January 1967 by Osamu Tezuka.[1] It was started in response to the success of Garo (which at that time was around its highest circulation), and as a way for Tezuka and other artists to showcase more avant-garde and experimental works in manga.[2] The first seven stories of Phoenix were the most famous work to be published from this anthology before it went under in 1972. In addition, the famous feminist cartoonist Murasaki Yamada got her start working for this anthology.


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