CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup

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The CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup was an international association football club competition held from 1991 to 1998.

The cup was between the winners of their nation's domestic cup competitions, which posed a problem as some participating countries did not have a cup competition. The last three competitions were abandoned and never finished. In 2001, the Cup Winners Cup then became the CONCACAF Giants Cup.


Year Champion Runner-up
1991 El Salvador Atlético Marte (SLV) Guatemala Comunicaciones (GUA)
1992 Not held
1993 Mexico Monterrey (MEX) Honduras Real España (HON)
1994 Mexico Necaxa (MEX) Guatemala Aurora (GUA)
1995 Mexico Tecos (MEX) El Salvador Firpo (SLV)
1996 Abandoned
1997 Abandoned
1998 Abandoned

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