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Status on hiatus
Genre Science fiction/Fantasy
Location(s) Salt Lake City, Utah
Country United States
Inaugurated 1990
Attendance 500-900
Organized by SFCon, Inc.
Filing status Utah non-profit

Conduit, often stylized as CONduit, is an annual general interest science fiction and fantasy convention held in May in Salt Lake City, Utah.[1] CONduit was founded in 1989 but took two years to plan its first convention. While there are other genre conventions in Utah, CONduit is the largest general interest convention,[1] and provides a means for professionals to meet and network with other professionals, as well as a way for fans to meet and enjoy each other's company.[2]

Each year, CONduit has a charity auction to benefit a local charitable cause. In years past, this auction benefitted Reading for the Future, a non-profit organization which promoted literacy through speculative fiction. The RFF Utah Student Writing and Art Contest was sponsored in part by CONduit.[3] However, RFF ceased operation in January 2010.[4] CONduit is also a founding member of the Utah Speculative Fiction Council.

Notable local guests have included Brandon Sanderson, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.,[2] Tracy Hickman,[2] Anne Wingate,[2] Dan Willis, Bradley Williams, Eric James Stone, James Dashner, Dave Wolverton,[2][5] Paul Genesse, Kevin Wasden, and Howard Tayler.[5]


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