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Cope video cover.jpg
Directed by Ronald Jerry
Produced by Dave Jackson
Ronald Jerry
Robert Allen Wagner
Written by Ronald Jerry
Shiloh Pilot
Starring Rachel Pinto
Robert Allen Wagner
Krystal Sullivan
David Weinand
Music by Andrew Nickerson
Edited by Ronald Jerry
Kitty Productions
Distributed by Brain Damage Films
Pendulum Pictures
Release date
  • January 23, 2007 (2007-01-23)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

COPE is an 2007 psychological thriller/horror independent film written and directed by Ronald Jerry and produced by Kitty Productions, a multimedia company based in Kodiak, Alaska.


The film is a psychological suspense drama that centers on one family from Kodiak, Alaska. The town’s citizens disappear during the night mysteriously. Mickey Allen, played by Robert Wagner, is alive to find out what happened to them. Another single survivor offers mysterious clues. Meanwhile, his sister Lauren, played by Rachel Pinto, is trapped in a pure white cell and is forced to do her own searching of the past. Ronald Jerry wrote and directed the film which starred Rachel Pinto as Lauren Allen.


  • Rachel Pinto
  • Robert Allen Wagner
  • Krystal Sullivan
  • David Weinand
  • Stacey Becklund
  • Orion Crockett
  • Ry Pengilly
  • Tammi Solorio
  • Amy Steinbach
  • Pat Maloney
  • Thomas Kinsley
  • Patrick Keegan
  • Dakota Nelson
  • Anita Steinbach


Ben Platt of Something Awful panned the film while simultaneously panning the distributor, noting that "they were only able to force this film on the public with a hearty dose of lies."[1] Similarly, Wild Realm Reviews called it amateurish and incoherent nonsense, noting "Labeled as a 'psychological thriller,' there's nothing of the psychological or the thrilling about it. It's merely a photographed mess devoid of characterization or plot."[2]


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