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The COPSS Presidents' Award, sometimes referred to as the "Nobel Prize of Statistics",[1] is given annually by the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies[2] to a person under the age of 41, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession of statistics. The COPSS Presidents' Award, along with the International Prize in Statistics, are considered[by whom?] the two highest awards in Statistics. It is awarded by the five sponsoring statistical societies:

The presentation of the award takes place at the annual Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM).

Winners of the COPSS Presidents' Award[edit]

Note: Listed are recipients' current working institutions not when awarded COPSS.

Peter J. Bickel, Stephen Fienberg, James O. Berger, Ross L. Prentice, C.F. Jeff Wu, Raymond J. Carroll are also R. A. Fisher Lecturers.


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