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Mflo cosmicolor.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 28, 2007
LabelRhythm Zone
RZCD-45557/B (CD+DVD)
M-Flo chronology
M-Flo Inside: Works Best II

Cosmicolor is the fifth studio album by M-Flo, released on March 28, 2007, on the Rhythm Zone label.[1]

According to the official website, the album is the last release in the "M-Flo Loves" series, which started in 2003 with "Reeewind! / M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay". As a response to that, the album includes a new collaboration with Crystal Kay, symbolizing that the "Loves" series started and ends with her. To reflect the fact that this is the last release in the "Loves" series, every track on the album (excluding the interludes), has the word "love" in its title. It was not announced what direction the band would take after this release, though the band stated in an interview that it would not disband. Fans have speculated that former member Lisa might return.[citation needed]

The album was released in CD and CD+DVD formats, a first for an M-Flo release and has 13 tracks, excluding interludes. The DVD contains the videos for the songs "Summer Time Love", "Lotta Love", "Love Song" and "She Loves the Cream", a DVJMIX by DJ Uppercut (a music video remix) and a feature titled "History of M-Flo", which is a mix of their previous works. The limited press edition of the CD+DVD format also has two performances by M-Flo member Verbal and past member, Lisa at Rhythm Nation: "Come Again" and "Been So Long".[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Issue No. 5
  2. Love Don't Cry [M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay]
  3. Luvotomy [M-Flo Loves Namie Amuro]
  4. Stuck in Your Love [M-Flo Loves Melody.]
  5. Current Affairs [M-Flo Loves Valerie]
  6. Summer Time Love [M-Flo Loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei]
  7. Simple & Lovely [M-Flo Loves Kumi Koda]
  8. Picture Perfect Love [M-Flo Loves Monkey Majik]
  9. Music Monopoly
  10. She Loves the Cream [M-Flo Loves Doping Panda]
  11. Love Me After 12AM [M-Flo Loves Alex (Clazziquai Project)]
  12. Love Song [M-Flo Loves Bonnie Pink]
  13. Love Long and Prosper [M-Flo Loves Star Trek]
  14. Love Me, Hate the Game [M-Flo Loves Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, Ryohei]
  15. Lotta Love [M-Flo Loves Minmi]
  16. People of Cosmicolor
  17. Love to Live By [M-Flo Loves Chara]


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